Friday, May 24, 2019


Today I decided to accept Louis Delambre’s offer to be the press agent for Possibilities from Responsibilities. I will also be consulting on the direction of its development, which I believe should be focused on assisting rather than guiding individuals to contribute toward creation and nurturing of a better, healthier world that maximizes the diversity and longevity of life.

The job starts on Tuesday. Until then I am avoiding anything resembling work for the first weekend since I joined WICO. Maura and I have grown close; and now, with our professional relationship severed, we intend to become much closer. That will begin tonight with a trip to a small community called Mayakee that has been a pivotal part of her life and the lives of three friends who are like sisters to each other.

Al just let me know that out of curiosity he will be interviewing for a local position with a new research project in quantum physics that strangely needs someone with expertise in ecosystems and the technologies for characterizing them. Even more odd: Samantha Lazlo recommended it to him.

My future posts on this blog may not be as regular as they have been. I will of course discuss any significant news about the imminent extinction threat that isn’t covered by my press releases from PFR. The result of WICO’s analysis of the new impact model is particularly of interest, along with changes to the global strategy and its execution.

Reality Check

I remain technically unemployed (what my wife calls a sabbatical), having taken over a year off to develop my writing and research, as well come up with a viewpoint and a plan for dealing with the related issues that I could believe in enough to promote. This blog has shown the maturation of this effort, along with the majority of posts on my Twitter feed.

Mayakee is not a real place. It is the fictional commune that preceded Test Community 13 (TC-013).  

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