Monday, January 7, 2019

Protest and Commitment

Disapproval turned into open protest over the weekend in several nations as their governments focused on developing strategies for dealing with Death by Imminent Extinction (DIE). 

An estimated fifteen million people opposing contraception and abortion held rallies and vigils in cities around the world to demand avoiding those means to stop births as proposed in the baseline strategy by the World Information and Coordination Organization (WICO). Free market and industry advocates flooded online and hard-copy news and opinion sources with suggestions for mobilizing businesses to rapidly increase efficiency measures in manufacturing as an alternative to blanket discouragement of consumption.

The leaders of the world’s three largest economies issued a joint statement Sunday confirming that they “are fully committed to doing whatever is necessary to avoid the extinction of humankind.” They offered no explanation for their delay. 

United States president Johanna Larson added in a separate statement that a warning in the last chapter of the Global Emergency declaration removed unspecified doubt about the urgency of the climate-affecting component of the threat. The warning reads in part, with emphasis in the text: “Sustained warming, triggered soon if not already underway (significantly likely), will conservatively multiply the threat to a level that is impossible to survive BY ANY CONCEIVABLE MEANS.” A projection given in a related appendix shows that the baseline strategy under sustained warming would extend estimated time of extinction (ETE) from 2038 with business-as-usual to 2052 in the most likely scenario. 

Reality Check

Protest statistics are made up, but groups like those indicated would almost certainly have the objections given.

The warning listed in the declaration’s “appendix” is based on simulation of increasing global footprint extrapolated from the current trend beginning in 2018-2019.

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