Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Judgments Day


In an echo of the global protests on January 7, large rallies were held in the capital cities of 41 countries, with the largest in the streets of London around WICO headquarters and the offices of its Strategy Integration group. Except for Great Britain, the countries appear to have been chosen because available drafts of their strategies to deal with the DIE threat all include unrestricted migration and aggressive means of controlling population growth such as open support of abortion, capital punishment for rape, and mandatory contraception.

Birth control mobilized many religious groups as revealed by a comparison of statements made by their leaders, with mandatory contraception being the most contentious issue because its use should be determined by individuals based on their beliefs and not by the state. Capital punishment for rape was opposed because it exacted too great a penalty, interfered with some religious and cultural norms, and could be abused through false accusation. Protests of state supported abortion varied with religion and whether it was already supported.

Unrestricted migration was second only to mandatory contraception in crowd size and fervor. Various rally leaders made the point that it was equivalent to a surrender of national identity. Others voiced concern that quality of life would rapidly degrade to a point where, as one speaker put it, “we’ll have total anarchy, and we might as well die from extinction.”

Frank Lanton, the leader of one of the largest Christian congregations in the United States, gave a chilling warning that reverberated throughout the world’s social media: “If these policies are included in the final strategy and codified in treaties, it will spark the great war of Armageddon between the righteous and the forces of darkness, proving for certain that the extinction crisis is code for what will happen on Judgment Day.”

Reality Check

This is an attempt to portray some anticipated (and still imaginary) negative responses to some of the more controversial options that might be considered in response to the extinction threat based on previous “news”.

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