Monday, July 22, 2019


Maura came out of her coma early this morning. A week of tests by her doctors hadn’t determined any physical cause, a set of new tests couldn’t identify any problems. Oddly she knew the date, and was more cheerful than I have ever seen. She will be visiting her parents for a couple of days while I catch up on work and pursue a new project we came up with during the drive to their house.

Hours of watching television in the hospital room and frequent visits from Al and Maura’s parents have prepared me for the new world that took shape during the past week. WICO’s raids on striking companies were followed by an ultimatum to the companies’ management: either follow the global strategy or be charged with attempted omnicide. An agreement was reached with all parties over the weekend, and today work restarted on the environment-assisting technology.

Reality Check

I took a vacation last week, limiting exposure to news and social media in a near-disconnect from the issues that have consumed me for more than a year. I experienced a kind of joy I’ve missed while visiting the natural environment around Colorado’s Gunnison River with my wife.

For backstory related to Maura’s experience, see today’s entry in Will Jackson’s Personal Log.

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