Friday, September 6, 2019

Preparations and Phases

We heard today that the Extinction Response Unit is officially on schedule to begin decommissioning high-impact structures and technologies by the end of the year. That scared a lot of people in subregions like ours who hoped they would have more time to develop natural ways of meeting basic needs before the current means disappear. 

Meeting one of those needs, water, is particularly problematic because it must currently be pumped or imported to grow an adequate amount of food for all the people who rely on it. This is made even more difficult by the already-erratic climate that is making access unpredictable while noticeably turning our home into a desert. In addition, the water must be cleaned by natural ecosystems that are either not available or not healthy enough to adequately perform the task. Few of us have any doubt that a mass exodus to places with more resources will be necessary within the next five years, and indeed dynamic contingency plans are already being developed domestically and internationally.

As Maura anticipated, the phase nomenclature has been rapidly adopted by both planning agencies and the public to communicate about the complex issues involved in the transition. We are already seeing a convergence of names for each phase in social and professional use which tend to have an economic theme similar to a business supply chain. That theme is likely to change since the world economic system will be undergoing a major overhaul during the transition - mainly to limit private ownership of ecological resources so that Consumers (the currently popular name for people in Phase 1) and Marketers (in Phase 2) aren’t rewarded for destroying functioning ecosystems. As Phase 4 Processors (performing multiple functions) we will soon be cut off from Phase 5 Manufacturers and the Phase 6 Suppliers we and the Manufacturers depend on for raw materials. The world has only recently seen the future it’s trying to avoid in the Perishers of Phase 7 who as a result of our efforts might yet be saved from their doom.

Reality Check

Some major discoveries have resulted in a revamping of how global variables are distributed throughout the global population. One consequence is a better ability to characterize how phases correspond with the way people live their lives, especially on an economic basis. The world map shown below is one result, constructed from GDP data with an error margin of plus-or-minus 0.6 phase.

Following is an updated phase diagram for when the global strategy was executed:

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